How to Layer Your Skincare and Makeup

How to Layer Your Skincare and Makeup

Shopping for your skincare and makeup products is the fun and easy part, but when it comes to layering we can often feel overwhelmed and confused. If you find yourself feeling this way from time to time, read on to gain some clarity on how to use skincare products with makeup 💁

Step 1: Skincare

Water-based serum/s (e.g. Retinol)
Oil-based serum/s (e.g. Squalane)

Woman model holding 0,3% Retinol serum | Standard Beauty
Retinol is a water-based serum that is applied before moisturiser.

Step 2: Sunscreen

This step is pretty self-explanatory. Remember that it really is essential that you apply sunscreen daily, even when it's cloudy - and even when you're indoors, especially if you have a lot of natural light coming into the house/room. Seriously babe, those rays don't play 🌞

Step 3: Makeup

Cheeks: Blush, Bronze & Highlighter 
Eyes: Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara 
Lips: Lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss
Setting powder/spray 

This makeup order is just offered as a guide; you can switch it up in whatever order works best for you.

Woman model showcasing her makeup | Standard Beauty
Founder & CEO, Ann-Kathrin Joos, showcasing her beautiful makeup.

And then, of course, there's removing your makeup at the end of the day - which is one of the most important steps when it comes to skincare... Always make sure you remove all of your makeup by washing your face  properly (ideally for 1 minute) and then follow your skincare routine as outlined in step 1 again before you go to bed. Hint: Our Cleansing Oil is great for makeup removal 😉

We hope that helps, babe. Happy layering!