It's a Haircare Revolution! 😍

It's a Haircare Revolution! 😍

We're thrilled to unveil our brand new haircare range that is set to revolutionize your hair care routine and unlock the hair of your dreams.

Packed with innovation, science, and a touch of magic, our carefully curated collection consists of four extraordinary products and a scalp brush designed to pamper your locks from root to tip.


Peptide Miracle Growth Serum 💧

Introducing the key to unlocking the hair of your wildest dreams!

Picture this: longer, stronger, thicker, locks that will leave everyone in awe.

This serum harnesses the power of the Capilia Longa™ plant stem cell peptides. This award-winning and scientifically researched formula will nourish and fortify your hair follicles like never before.

And here's the best part: it's so lightweight that it won't turn your scalp into an oil slick! Simply massage a generous amount of this leave-in treatment onto your scalp, section by section, and let the magic happen.


SOS Scalp Spray🌿

Say hello to the ultimate scalp savior: our SOS Scalp Spray is here to rescue you from the woes of an itchy, irritated scalp.

This magical water is infused with our exclusive Rosemary Blend, known for its hair growth-boosting powers, and Rose Water, which adds a touch of lusciousness and shine to your locks. Our scientifically proven anti-itch active also tackles dandruff and excess oil, leaving your scalp refreshed and revitalized.

Simply shake the bottle, spray a generous amount of our SOS Scalp Spray onto your scalp as needed, and let the magic unfold. It's a leave-in treatment that your scalp will thank you for!


Daily Dry Oil ✨

Get ready to conquer bad hair days! This incredible oil is packed with our hero ingredient, Hemi-Squalane; a 100% natural alternative to silicones that deliver remarkable strand-smoothing results. Embrace that sleek, polished look that will make heads turn.

Ready to dive in? This dry oil is a multitasking wonder that won't weigh down your ends with grease. Use it as a pre-styling or finishing treatment, and watch your hair come to life. Simply apply a generous amount onto your ends daily for hair that looks and feels healthier. Oh, and guess what? It can even work its magic on a dry scalp too!


Hot Oil Hair Therapy ❤️‍🔥

Get ready to turn up the heat with this newly rebranded favorite. Packed with the dynamic trio of Rosemary, Argan, and Castor oil, and infused with the magical powers of Nettle, this treatment is here to work its wonders on your locks.

Now, you might be thinking, "Hot oil treatments? Aren't those so last century?" Well, guess what? We're bringing them back with a bang because the benefits are simply unbeatable! Prepare yourself for frizz-taming, damage-repairing, and deep moisturizing goodness. Plus, if you're dealing with hair loss or thinning, our Hot Oil Hair Therapy will be your secret weapon in promoting new growth.

Achieve hair perfection with our Hot Oil Hair Therapy use it once to twice a week:

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly.
  2. Heat up the treatment in the microwave or hot water (avoid burning your skin).
  3. Apply section by section to damp hair, using the pipette, massaging it in as you go.
  4. Cover your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes or overnight.
  5. Rinse and shampoo.
  6. Finish with our Squalane, Marula, or Dry Oil serums for extra shine.

Luxury Scalp Massager 😻

It's time to experience the ultimate scalp massage. This little wonder is about to be your new favorite hair care tool.

This brush will help you get a deep clean that goes beyond using your fingers, creating an environment where your hair products can penetrate effectively. It not only massages and gently exfoliates your scalp, but it also improves circulation, to help boost natural hair growth!

Now, it's important to note that our brush is intended for scalp massage and product penetration, not as a detangling brush.

With our new haircare range, the perfect blend for beautiful locks is now within your reach. 

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace our game-changing haircare range, and let your locks shine with confidence. Your hair deserves it, and you deserve it too!