Our All-New Smooth 'n Sexy Lip Range

Our All-New Smooth 'n Sexy Lip Range

Word on the street is that we're dropping yet another new range for our Standard Babes - and it's true! And best believe, this one is going to be on everyone's lips 💋 

Ever heard of skincare-infused makeup? Well, we have, and we're here to bring it to you, babe 😉 So not only do we have one new product for you in this new range, not even two - but five! It's a our smooth 'n sexy lip range that's going to be the talk of the town. 

Ceramide lip stains, various colours | Standard Beauty

Our ceramide lip stains are hydrating and soothing, and they deliver ceramides to fragile lip skin. The gloss to stain technology results in a long-wear lip stain that applies like a gloss and wears down to a beautiful stain. Once dried, they last for several hours, and they are kiss & smudge proof for a natural, low-maintenance look. 

A Breakdown of the Hero Ingredients
Ceramide: Locks moisture into lip; prevents drying; creates protective barrier
Dew Juice: A natural active compound that prevents drying out; strengthens lip barrier health
Jojoba Oil: Provides gloss, shine and protection for lips
Aloe Vera & Glycerine: Prevent lips from flaking, drying and peeling; moisturises chapped lips; anti-inflammatory

Sweet Talker Lip Stain (Blush Pink) - buildable sheer-medium coverage
This is a beautiful pink that hits the sweet spot between fun & sexy and bold & daring.

Model applying pink lip stain | Standard Beauty

Glen Cocoa Lip Stain (Rich Brown) - buildable medium-full coverage
You go glen cocoa! This is an amazing chocolate, dark brown sugar colour, perfect with any look, day or night ✨

Model applying brown lip stain | Standard Beauty

Iconic Lip Stain (Classic Red) - buildable medium-full coverage
Made to stand out - made to be iconic - this baby was formulated to help you step out in confidence and make a statement to the world. 

Model applying red lip stain | Standard Beauty

Berry Bold Lip Stain (Deep Berry) - buildable medium-full coverage
This is our highly-pigmented deep purple colour, made to give you berrylicious lips 🫐

Model applying purple lip stain | Standard Beauty

2. Peptide Lip Glaze 
For the ultimate glossy lip.

An oil-based formulation that offers intense nourishment with a protective seal over the lips. A nurturing, glossy lip oil with peptides, hyaluronic acid, jojoba, vitamin E & many more high-quality, functional ingredients that deeply nourish lips without feeling sticky. For an immediate plumping and high-shine feel.
Apply this glaze after our lip stains to boost colour longevity and seal in all the delicious lippy goodness it has to offer. Bonus tip (because that's how much we love you) be used as a lip mask overnight to soothe and protect lips.

Arms with sample lip stain streaks | Standard Beauty

A Breakdown of the Hero Ingredients
Peptides: Plumping effect. Helps smooth fine lines. Hydrates & moisturises.
Hyaluronic Acid: Helps lips feel softer, plumper, smoother & more hydrated.
Jojoba, Vitamin E & other oils: Provides gloss, shine and protection for lips. Helps relieve dry & chapped lips.

You're welcome, babe 😜 Now, go and take the world by storm!