Our Banging New Body Range Is Here!

Our Banging New Body Range Is Here!

Guess what Babe! Our new body range is here, and your skin just got a whole lot happier. 😘 

Featuring Calming Colada Scrub, Blueberry Smooth-y Scrub, and Peachy Turmeric Glow scrub that are perfect for all skin types. Plus, our Toned Daily Firming Lotion helps achieve firmer, plumper-looking skin. Here's a closer look at each product:

Calming Colada Scrub 🥥


Transport yourself to an island paradise with our Calming Colada Scrub that leaves you smelling of coconut and French vanilla.

It exfoliates your skin with sugar granules and walnut shell particles without irritating or drying your skin.

This scrub is gentle enough to be used on all skin types, vegan, and 100% pregnancy-safe.

The Hero Ingredients include allantoin and vitamin E that help remove skin cells, soothe, and stimulate cell regeneration, giving your skin a softer, smoother texture.

Blueberry Smooth-y Scrub 🫐

Our Blueberry Smooth-y Scrub is packed with the mighty antioxidant properties of blueberries.

The Hero Ingredient here is a 2% Fruit Acid Blend (AHA’s) that chemically exfoliates your skin by loosening the top layer of old skin cells and promoting faster cell turnover.

The five different plant extracts (blueberry, sugarcane, orange, lemon, and sugar maple extract) work together to give you ultimate exfoliation power.

This scrub is vegan, pregnancy-safe, and physically and chemically exfoliates, softens, and hydrates your skin. However, since it contains AHA’s, it shouldn’t be combined with other AHAs, BHAs, retinol, niacinamide, azelaic acid, or vitamin C. You should also always follow up with sunscreen because AHA’s can increase sensitivity to the sun.

Peachy Turmeric Glow Scrub 🍑

Our Peachy Turmeric Glow scrub is golden hour in a jar. It's an antioxidant-packed scrub that smells of juicy peaches and has the perfect combo of bright orange and mellow yellow swirls.

Turmeric, the Hero Ingredient in this scrub, is full of powerful antioxidants that fight against free radicals and contain potent antibacterial properties that help with acne and calm irritated skin.

This scrub is anti-inflammatory, restores your glow, gently exfoliates, and is pregnancy-safe and 100% vegan.

Toned Daily Firming Lotion 🤍💖

Our Toned Daily Firming Lotion helps achieve firmer, plumper-looking skin and is perfect for everyBODY!.

It’s packed with Blackberry Fruit Extract, our latest Hero Ingredient, which has pro-adipogenic properties, boosting collagen synthesis and preventing fibrosis, associated with cellulite appearance.

This lotion works wonders for mamas during and after pregnancy, post-breastfeeding, after weight loss, and throughout menopause.

It's also cute AF with its two-tone combo of baby pink and creamy white.

And because this is the year of the NEW Standard, we gave an old favourite a well-deserved makeover!


Say hello to our new & improved Polished Body Scrub! 😍

This bestseller still contains all the same hero ingredients (10% AHA and lactic acid) that help exfoliate and reduce the appearance of strawberry skin. 

We’ve repackaged and reformulated this scrub to make it easier for you to use. Now in an easy twist off tub and with a less-oily texture, we promise if you liked this scrub before, you’re gonna love it now! 

P.S Don't combine with AHAs, BHAs, Retinol, Niacinamide, Azelaic Acid or
Vitamin C and ALWAYS use sunscreen.


How to use our new products. 🤓

For all our scrubs:
  • Use them 2-3 times a week. (Don’t over-exfoliate babe)
  • They can be used wet or dry
  • Only ever use WARM water, never HOT water
  • Massage in circular motions all over your body
  • Follow up with a good moisturiser or body butter
For our Toned Body Lotion:
  • Use it daily, in the AM and/or the PM
  • The warming effect is perfect just before bedtime
  • Focus on areas that need firming (booty, breasts etc.) 
  • If you are breastfeeding avoid the nipple area


You’ve already got the perfect skincare routine for your face, and now you can have the perfect routine for your body as well Babe!

So go on and pamper yourself with our new body range for ultimate body care! 🥰

P.S As a launch special we will be running a buy 3 get 1 FREE special on ALL our Body products on 15/03. You're welcome. 😉